Unleash Strategic Excellence with Tawaqalsoft's Talent Mapping Mastery

In the dynamic realm of business, finding the right talent isn't just a necessity; it's a strategic imperative. Tawaqalsoft brings you a game-changing solution – Talent Mapping, the compass for your journey towards unparalleled success.

Why Talent Mapping?

   Ever envisioned having a ready list of perfect candidates at your fingertips for any vacancy that arises? Tawaqalsoft's Talent Mapping is your key to this unparalleled advantage. It's not just about recruitment; it's about constant research, staying ahead of market shifts, and having a pool of prospective candidates who align perfectly with your company's future.

What Sets Us Apart?

   Tawaqalsoft boasts years of experience in recruiting developers, creating remote teams, and pioneering mini R&D. Our Talent Mapping service isn't an add-on; it's an extra dimension of strategic planning. Here's what makes us your go-to partner:

BASIC: Unlock Potential Locations

   Unsure about the best locations for future candidates? Our Basic service delves deep into countries, researching tech and non-tech specialists, salaries, tax regulations, legal nuances, and education levels. It's your foundation for informed decisions.

ADVANCED: Craft Your Ideal Talent List

   Have a location in mind? Our Advanced service crafts a tailored list of perfect talents based on your preferences. Each talent map is exclusively owned by you, ensuring a unique advantage in the competitive talent landscape.

CUSTOM: Precision Tailoring for Your Needs

   Need specific talents or experts with a narrow profile? Our Custom Talent Mapping dives deep into individualized research. Whether it's professionals from specific universities or conferences, we've got you covered.

The Tawaqalsoft Advantage: How It Works

Provide Your Task:

   Tell our experts your search criteria – preferred location, tech stack, education, skills, and more.

Project Estimation:

   Based on your requirements, we guide you on the most suitable service – Basic, Advanced, or Custom Talent Mapping.

3. Data Collection:

   We initiate thorough research on prospective candidates, their salaries, tax implications, English proficiency, and anything you need to know.

Get Your Talent Map:

   Voila! A talent map customized to your requirements. Start recruiting with a vast pool of best-matched candidates at your fingertips.

Why Tawaqalsoft?

- Pre-Research: We ensure high completion rates by making preliminary estimates, meeting deadlines, and contributing to quick recruitment.

- Cost-Effective: Our competitive prices offer the best quality-to-cost ratio for Talent Mapping services.

- Flexibility: With a flexible approach, our experienced researchers tailor talent maps according to various criteria and individual requirements.

- Safety: We prioritize your data security, collecting information only from open resources to comply with GDPR.

- Exclusivity: Your talent map is protected by NDA, ensuring it's fully owned by you and never reused for other clients.

How Talent Mapping Helps You

Opening a New Office

   Explore new territories with detailed market research, estimating developer numbers, and analyzing competitors' workforce.

Recruitment Strategy

   Build a solid foundation for recruitment strategy with a list of suitable candidates, plan acquisitions, and avoid recruitment emergencies.

Market Research

   Gain insights into hiring professionals from other countries – their costs, skills, potential, and availability.

Recruiting Hassle-Free

 Take charge of recruiting with your exclusive talent map, saving costs on fees and commissions

Your Talent Journey Starts Here

   Talent mapping isn't just about appointments; it's about strategic, thoughtful, and focused talent planning. Don't waste time – let our experts create a talent map of any region worldwide. If you prefer hands-off recruitment, delegate it to our experienced recruiters, and we'll hire candidates according to the created talent map. Your vision, our expertise – let's find your talent hassle-free with Tawaqalsoft.

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